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Covid-19: automation of waste collection processes increases operator safety

How technology and automation can turn into safety, even in the waste sector

Today more than ever, the key word is security.

Waste collection and streets cleaning certainly did not stop during the pandemic, and in many cases, on the contrary, they were intensified through a timely sanitization of the collection sites.

To carry out this fundamental activity there are thousands of ecological operators, who in these days in every corner of the world are praised for the efforts and the work they do “out there” for all of us.

In the last months, technology and automation process, which until now were considered only a means of optimizing production and work activities, have also become a strategic way for companies to ensure the safety of their employees and contain the spread of Covid-19.

Even in the waste collection field, the protection of operators has been put in the foreground, and many municipalities have been able, in this sense, to count on one more tool.

This is the case, for example, of Dubai, which has already implemented Nord Engineering’s Easy system for some time which is currently carrying out a massive sanitization project.
The Easy automatic equipment allows to empty and reposition bins directly from the cab of the vehicle, without ever having to get off the vehicle, which allows not only to reduce road risks, but also those related to contagion and physical contact with the garbage container.

An efficient and highly customizable system that guarantees a safe working environment for the operators, always among the priorities of Nord Engineering and its customers.