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All in the right place

New City containers are placed in line with a distance close to zero.
Alignment guides equipped with safety terminals ensure order and correct repositioning.

Less containers on the roads,
more space for you

Reduce the number of containers and fully optimize your space.
New City containers stand out for their large volume and assure 100% modular solutions.

Small spaces, large volumes

Choose the model that better suits you: available in small or standard version.

Steel strength

Nothing can stop New City containers,
exclusively made from steel, guarantee of long service life.

No longer a problem

Made with high quality materials, these containers minimize the need for maintenance and, thanks to the Easy collection system, the container is taken from a single hook point on the top avoiding scratches, damages and deformations.

For a
cleaner city

The emptying of the container takes place from the lower part, ensuring greater cleanliness and hygiene of the delivery openings.

What’s inside
stays inside

The bottom doors are designed to prevent leakage of any type of waste, including liquid.

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