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Do you wish it was easy?

Easy is the innovative multi-purpose, fully automated, bilateral lifting system.
Managed by a single operator, it allows to optimize and simplify the collection of municipal solid waste in tailor-made stationary containers.
There are two main elements that make Easy unique and advanced: innovation and automation.


The container emptying and repositioning cycle is faster, easier and safer thanks to the perfect hooking of the innovative F-90 coupling device.

Extreme safety of the operator which never needs to leave the cab

Suitable for any urban context and highly customizable

Collection on both sides allows rationalization of the collection points

Cost reduction through optimization and reduced maintenance


The software automatically manages the entire process of collection, handling and emptying of containers under the supervision of the operator.

Total management of the collection process in-vehicle

Automated system preventing human error and unforeseen events

Increasing productivity and service quality to users

Faster emptying cycle and reduction of collection frequency

There are two types of equipment that allow the handling of containers equipped with the special F-90 mushroom.


Easy, which allows the collection of small/medium volume containers with faster collection cycles.


Easy J2, equipped with double articulation that allows handling of the entire range of containers. It is also used with washing equipment.

Easy equipment

Garbage compactors, open top boxes, container washers and innovative accessories.