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When street containers
become urban furniture

In historic or great value areas
even the smallest detail makes the difference.
Underground containers are the low environmental impact, elegant and refined, solution
you were looking for.

Perfect landscape integration
and not only

Thanks to the modular concept, you’ll discover a new idea of functionality: aesthetic protection of prestigious areas, service optimization in high density areas and optimal access for every kind of user.


they ensure maximum accessibility and safety
for all categories of users

Customizable openings

Tailored openings for each kind of recyclable waste

Minimal environmental impact

The only thing you see from the street
is a simple and elegant collection turret


Produced with quality materials subjected to
rigorous galvanizing treatments


Result of Nord Engineering’s constant research for innovation, the Underground containers are based on a state-of-the-art engineering system. Integrated in a fully underground prefabricated structure, they don’t need any electric and/or hydraulic power.

Really controlled

Equipped with gradual release conveyor doors, they can be equipped with an electronic system to identify each individual user and dedicate the service to a specific users.

Goodbye smells,
bacteria and noise!

With underground containers, odours and bacterial charges are greatly reduced, as are noises produced during the introduction of heavy waste such as glass.

Get inspired

From Disneyland Paris to the major cities of the world to the most luxurious residential complexes in Florida.

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