Street containers and patented waste collection solutions

For over 20 years, nord engineering has been working in the ecology field, designing automatic equipment and containers for the waste collection.
Born in 1997 from an idea by armando brothers, nord engineering based its working polity and focused its resources on research and development of technologies able to overcome limits of the traditional waste collection.

That’s how nord engineering started the production of a unique project: easy, an integrated waste collection system for which the european patent was filed in 1999.

2001 Was a year of further launch: nord engineering filed its second european patent for the hooking system and the handling of street containers, called “f90”.

Overcoming the experimental stage, the supply of the first equipment began. The success was immediate and the degree of satisfaction from the first customers is such that allows the company to achieve the foreign market. In 2009 the city of barcelona, during a reorganization of the vehicle fleet and street containers for waste collection, has allowed nord engineering, to bring the integrated easy system out of italy.

This first big negotiation allowed the company to invest in a cutting-edge production plant in constant development. Each year nord engineering is introducing in its offer a range of new technologies, that have enabled the company to reach a 360° coverage of the entire range of products for the management and the waste collection (road containers, urban containers, different installations and optional).

Design technologies that innovate the ecology field, becoming perfectly integrated with the human environment.

Constantly innovate the technological offer in the field of ecology, enhancing our easy system model and solving the problems of the sector thanks to the design of new technological products (road containers, urban containers, different installations and optional).

Nord engineering products are aimed at all those companies that care about the management of their urban sanitation services. We have always worked for:



Private entities

Public bodies

Local authorities