Easy is an innovative lifting system at the service of your city, equipped with a mono operator bilateral automated procedure for the separate collection of urban solid waste in ad-hoc manufactured stationary containers.
The peculiarity of the mechanism is the “F90” hooking device, which allows the entire range of Nord Engineering containers to be hooked and emptied in totally safe conditions on board the vehicle, by the operator who controls the work through a monitor.
The emptying cycle of the containers is accelerated and simplified and collection frequency is reduced.
Easy offers the possibility to collect the containers from both sides of the vehicle allows the containers to be arranged according to rational and functional strategy towards urban needs.

The efficiency of the automatic work system allows:
• the elimination of human and unforeseen errors;
• more safety for the operator who is no longer exposed to road risk;
• productivity optimization and reduced maintenance costs;
• more rationality of the collection points;

It is possible to manufacture smaller scale equipment, suitable for urban contexts with critical road conditions.
There are different models of equipment available on the market, 2500/2300/2100/1900 with fixed frame or roll-off, with a variety of different combinations.

Ad hoc solutions can be studied for every need.