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    Contenitori interrati EASY Underground waste containers are technologically advanced solutions for the separate collection of all kinds of waste. These containers consist of a vertical structure with reduced dimensions where waste is introduced and a prefabricated structure which is completely hidden underground.

    Nord Engineering underground containers are high volume containers (from 3 to 5m³) with either free access or controlled access using recognition devices. Being underground, these containers help to contain unpleasant odours and reduce noise pollution created by the introduction of certain types of waste such as glass.

    These containers have low environmental impact and perfectly integrate into any urban setting, whether modern or historical. The modular structure of the underground containers does not generate any architectural barriers and provides completely safe access to all kinds of users. These containers are particularly suitable for areas with high population density and/or vertical development.

    EASY UNDERGROUND containers notably improve the quality of the differentiated waste collection service and therefore the quality of life for users.

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