Who we are

Right from the beginning, our goal has been to constantly innovate our model in a dynamic and flexible manner, always adapting to the various needs of our customers.
The acquired know-how, our experience and the use of technology that has always made us stand out, have led us to broadening our horizons to be able to offer you the result of our working passion: research and development for a people-friendly service.
The human ideal of a city in which each element integrates with the environment surrounding it, is an issue that we have taken to heart and have developed by comparing the relation systems between natural elements and the need to simplify the network service systems of a city.
25 years of comparison and experience have led us to a result:

Easy Integrated System

We have summarized the terms of: concept, technology, performance, quality, safety and development in a mono operator bilateral automatic equipment, able to collect different types of street containers, whether on the ground or underground that have low environmental impact and are completely automatic.
The Easy system allows waste collection services to be rationalised, with lower environmental impact and strong integration in the urban fabric due to product lines that are able to perform specific functions.
Nord Engineering aims at Districts and Municipalities, Consortia between private, public and local authorities.




Private entities

Public bodies

Local authorities